arriving in fog

Reflections on a walk of suggestions offered by Phil Smith:

Hayle ->

I am/we are always dancing

assisted departure – the touch of surface on hands, knees, feet

blue flowers shine brightest in the murk


houses on legs


sea far, far out                    a lark

upside down dancing in the marram grass

walking the path backwards          narrows and straits and new lands

walking into vast nothing

finding braids


and completing them


the wind in my mouth

question: if x and y are the organs we value, what is the z that we flee?

answer: alphabet

a cemetery full of primroses        blossom as a declaration of faith


Camborne ->

people grow cars on their legs

question: the ideal architecture for a walk is?

answer: cobwebs

moss, buddleia on a roof

overheard conversation: we were married 61 years, I met him when I was 17, married him when I was 18 (West Midlands accent)

a witness: bordello Jesus

bordello jesus small

an inconclusion