Walking wordclouds – Visual summary of Thames Walk 2013

Question: Did you meet any interesting people on the walk or make any networking connections? If possible give examples.



Question: Do you think that events like this are a good chance for networking with other people? Why?

Answer: Q4

Question: Did you feel like a part of a community on the walk? If yes, when in particular?

Answer: Q5


Question: Do you believe that events like this one are better occasion for socialising rather than traditional talks or conferences? Why?

Answer: Q6


Question: Do you think that multidisciplinary research backgrounds of the participants encourage or discourage socialising and ideas sharing? Why?

Answer: Q7


Question: Did you have a conversation with somebody from a different research background today? If yes, briefly explain what were the advantages or disadvantages of this interaction?

Answer: Q8


All walk summarized in one cloud: